Attractions to Explore – Tourist Places in and around Tirupati

A city covered with plush green vegetation and not-so-high hills, Tirupati offers a plethora of most diverse tourist experiences. From dilapidated forts to untamed wilderness, splendid monuments to rustic tribal villages, Tirupati has it all. By availing a Tirupati tour package from Chennai, you can visit these temples with architectural richness and experience the divinity of the sanctum.

Both Shirdi Tour Package from Chennai and Shirdi Tour Package from Coimbatore cover all famous temples and tourist attractions in and around Tirupati, just to make you as a truly satisfied devotee throughout the journey.

Here is the list of tourist places to visit in Tirupati through a Tirupati car package from Chennai or Tirupati package from Bangalore.

  1. Prehistoric Life Park
    Explore Prehistoric Life Park in Tirupati through a Shirdi tour packages from Bangalore. Most people associate Tirupati with magnificent temples, but they forget that it also a home to the Regional Science Centre, where the marvelous Prehistoric Life Park is situated. This Park takes tourists back in time and gives them a glance of the evolution of life on Earth. Visitors can see models of all kinds of prehistoric creatures, right from the woolly mammoth to diverse kinds of dinosaurs and trilobites.

  2. Nagalapuram
    Located 70km away from Tirupati, Nagalapuram is a tiny village situated very close to Nagari. This place is famous for two things, one is Shri Vedanarayana Swamy Temple and the other one is Nagalapuram falls trekking. The large temple complex comprises of a grand entrance, wide corridors, tall gopura, and beautiful central monument with excellent carvings. It is a must visit place while travelling to Tirupati through a Tirupati tour package from Mumbai.

  3. Deer Park
    Deer Park is one of the major tourist destinations nearby Tirupati. Situated in the suburbs of Kandaleru city, this park can be visited en-route to Tirumala. Deer can be frequently spotted here and these lovely creatures captivate the spectators. Abundant diversity of wildlife and scenic views adorn the landscape of the Deer Park. So, visit this park through a Chennai to Tirupati package and cherish each and every moment with these lovely creatures and Mother Nature.
  4. Gudimallam
    Located 31 Km away from Tirupati, Gudimallam is a home to Sri Parasu Rameshwara Temple. Gudimallam Shiva lingam is believed to be a manifestation of the Trimurtis, with Shiva on top, Brahma at the bottom and Vishnu in the middle. This temple is considered to be the oldest Shiva temple identified so far tracing to 3rd century BC.

  5. TTD Gardens
    TTD Gardens is located in the center of Tirumala city. Spreading over an area of 460 acres, the TTD gardens are known for their manicured and baroque decorated flower gardens. The TTD Gardens in Tirupati presents the visitors with mesmerizing landscapes and a refreshing environment. Flowers to all the temples in Tirupati are supplied from this garden. TTD Gardens allure every visitor with its supreme beauty.

    So get ready for the divine journey along with the most fascinating tourist destination of Tirupati through an affordable Shirdi package from Chennai.