Marvellous Miracle of Lord Tirumala Tirupati

This astonishing and the most incredible miracle took place three and a half decades ago at Tirumala Tirupati temple, the holy dwelling of Lord Sri Venkateswara. This great miracle still surprises many and is still a mystery to many so called atheists of our modern world. This miracle not only proves the existence of God but it also ardently approves our faith in God.

This splendid miracle took place in the holy temple of Tirumala during the mid-night of 7th November, 1979. During that time, starting from a street brat to the holy deity, the whole of Tirumala shrine was in a cavernous sleep. All the busy streets of the temple town wore an empty look and the whole of Tirumala hills were occupied with a tranquil silence.

Breaking all the silence, this miracle took place all of a sudden taking the entire Tirumala into a shock and surprise. The huge Bronze bells that are hanging in front of the deity at the holy Sanctum Sanctorum of the Tirumala Tirupati temple happened to ring on its own without anyone ringing them which sent sound waves all over Tirumala hill shrine.

The police, security staff, the pilgrims, the officials, the temple staff, the Archakas and the Purohits were all shocked by the gigantic sound of the Bronze bells. It almost woke up everybody from their sleep and everyone came running to the temple.

Everybody stood outside the doorstep of the temple watching the happenings in utter shock and disbelief the only question that was coming to each one’s mind was how those huge bronze bells hanging inside which is heavily guarded and fully locked up could be ringing on their own without any one ringing them..?? Shocking them still further the bells rang in the same way extending for few more minutes and later stopped ringing on their own.

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The story behind the miracle
The temple town of Tirumala was undergoing a never seen before water crisis which forced the TTD officials to impose permissions on the daily consumption of water. As a result, the water supply to the employee’s quarters and to the pilgrim cottages was constrained.

But in spite of all the restrictions, the water levels in the reservoir namely Gogarbham and the Alwar tank placed on the hill shrine were significantly declining. The other drinking water wells that are on the Tirumala hill shrine were also drying out. The town was extremely disturbed by the severe water crisis. And came to a state of performing Varna japa to the rain god and even after performing the pooja for 3 days there was no rain fall all the devotees went home with a disappointed face and on that night is where this great miracle took place.

The miracle
Making a huge booming noise the sky opened up. And it began to rain very heavily indeed. An unbelievable sight and it is a seen to be believed. None of them bought an umbrella along with them and before they reached the temple for shelter, everybody got fully soaked and drenched in the rain. Gogarbham reservoir was over flowing with water. And the devotees understood that the bells rang for this good sign to take place on earth.