Padmavathi Temple – The shrine of love

Padmavathi temple is the temple devoted to goddess Padmavathi or Alamelumanga, the spouse of Venkateswara. The Temple is located in Tiruchanur that can be covered within a distance of 5km from Tirupati. Here Padmavathi triumphs the glory of her wedding attire of being united with Sri Venkateswara. The temple is also established in the importance of femininity in the Hindu culture.

It is also a temple that signifies love between Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. The temple city of Tirupati, is known for many temples and captivating architecture. But among all the temples Sri Tiruchanoor padmavathi temple is to be compulsorily visited and paid obeisance to, as the Tirupati Darshan receives total completion only from the blessings of Goddess Padmavathi.

The Temple is controlled by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam authority. All our travel packages namely Tirupati Package and Tirupati Car package holds a visitation to padmavathi temple after the Tirupati darshan.


Padmavathi is the central deity worshipped in the temple. Padmavathi is the manifestation of Lakshmi and is the spouse of Lord Venkateswara. The deity is placed in the temple facing to the east.


Padmasarovaram is the temple tank of Sri Padmavathi Temple. It is told that Padmavathi got manifested in this tank in a golden lotus flower in the Kartheeka masam on Sukla Paksha Panchami day.


In Padmasarovaram, the Chakra Snanam is held on the last day of Annual Padmavathi Brahmotsavam where one can see lakhs of devotees bathing in the holy waters.

Special Occasion at Padmavathi Temple

  • At Padmavathi Temple, you can observe many significant celebrations during the entire year. Some are well-known Devi festivals while others are special events devoted to the Purna of Padmavathi Temple.

  • During Navarathri festival (Dussehra), the Padmavathi Temple also participates in the nation-wide festivity of the end of evil and beginning of the good.

  • At the month of Kartheeka festival, the Lord offers expensive gifts to his dearly loved. During this period of the month the lord sends expensive saree, blouse piece, Tulsi the holy herb, turmeric leaves and an array of exquisite delicacies which signifies birthday gifts to Padmavathi. The gifts taken on an excellently decorated Elephant.

  • The Theppotsavam is a main celebration that occurs during the five days of the month of Jyeshtha.

  • Sri Padmavathi Ammavari temple and Sri Venkateswara swami Temple are both historically interrelated and conditional to each other. During the Vasanthotsavam festival, the devotee’s celebrate it with a procession over the golden chariot on the 2nd day of the festival.

  • The Sri Padmavathi Parinayam festival is celebrated during the Navami, Dasami and Ekadasi during the month of Vaisaka.

  • During the 3day festival, the splendidly ornamented idol of Sri Malayappa Swamy of Venkateswara comes in an outstanding style on the Aswa vahanam, Gaya vahanam, and Garuda Vahanam on 3 consecutive days.

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